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Are You Someone That:

  • Failed at seeing results at other gyms.
  • Hates being in a big, crowed gym.
  • Wants to start working out but doesn't know what to do.

Most people go to the gym but don't know what to do to achieve the results they want.
Our personal training program will simplify the process so you can get the results you deserve!


Every time you step in the gym, you’ll be with a fitness professional to guide you through the workout.


Your workouts will be designed based on your goal, schedule, and current fitness level.


Train in an environment with others like you. Have fun while getting the support you need.

Getting Started Is Easy

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Check out the gym and meet the trainers. We’ll go over your personal plan to meet your goals.

3. Try us out for 6 weeks

Our 6-week program is designed around your goals, schedule, and current fitness level.

Take Back Control Of Your Health

You work long hours and have less time for yourself. You don't feel like yourself and you realize your health could be better. At First Capital Gym, our personal trainers have helped hundreds of people like yourself get in shape and healthier without spending hours at the gym a week.

Not Feeling Like Yourself?

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"I’ve been all around the country and I’m telling you that First Capital Gym is a gem in York County." - Selina

"They truly care for their clients. I found the best gym in York!" -Tracia

"I’m a 48-year old rookie to fitness and I’m intimidated by gyms. At First Capital Gym, they are great teachers, motivators, and everything you want in a coach." - Jamie

Getting Started at First Capital Gym is Simple and Easy