10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight – Part 3

Sleep at Least Seven Hours Each Night for Consistent Weight Loss

Four in 10 Americans get less than the recommended seven or more hours of sleep.

Sleep is the first thing most of us give up when life gets too hectic. Deadlines and family demands have us setting the alarm clock earlier and earlier or staying up all night trying to “get it done.”

But getting seven to eight hours of good sleep will give you the energy you need to perform more efficiently, make healthier choices and lose weight. You might just find that you actually get more done when you get more sleep.

Healthy sleep habits are linked to: increased memory, longevity, better creativity, more focus, lower stress, decreased depression, less fat and increased muscle mass. That’s because sleep regulates hormones and hormones have EVERYTHING to do with health.

Have you ever noticed that some of your worst eating choices happen in the wee hours? Why? Your body is trying to substitute sugar and caffeine for rest. And how much easier is it to cook a healthy meal and go to the gym when you feel well rested?

Restore your body and your mind with good sleep and you’ll be so much more motivated to lose weight and live well.

Unclutter Your Life

Getting rid of the junk that you don’t want or need is incredibly motivating and satisfying. It’s easy to feel smothered by all of the underused resources in our lives. When you let go of the clutter, you make room for more energy and you can use that energy to change your life.

Studies show that people are more productive when they keep a clean desk. People are also more motivated to cook healthy meals in a clean kitchen. Clutter doesn’t just affect our environment, it affects our motivation and our mental state. The weight of all that “stuff” prevents us from performing optimally.

When I sit down to write or work, I need a clean workspace. Otherwise the clutter gives me an excuse (hello procrastination) to do anything but write.

So clear out your closets, clear out your mind, and pave the way for permanent weight loss.

Next week, we’ll look at ways 7 & 8

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