13 Ideas To Keep You On Track While You Travel To Work

As more and more professionals are leaving the “home” office to head back in to the “real” office, we’re also seeing more and more in person interaction. 

The result? More professionals are back on the road, and in the air. 

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to eat “well” on the go. Drive thrus, gas station food, airport food…it’s really easy to over indulge. 

Below are 13 ideas to help you stay on the right track:

Traveling tips

  • Invest in a high quality soft cooler that will keep your food cold. With that said, double layering your ice packs (one above and one below your food) is a great idea.
  • Pack your food in single servings to avoid over eating. Reusable, resealable bags are a great resource. Bento boxes are another great choice. 
  • Come up with a list of go to perishable and non- perishable staples. Fresh fruits and vegetables, hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, cooked meats, nuts or seeds and low calorie popcorn are great choices. 
  • Find a grocery store in the area. Wegmans and Trader Joes are a dream if you can find one close by.
  • If you’re staying over, watch the continental breakfast. It’s not always protein packed, and usually a sugar fest. If this is the case, opt for plain oatmeal with a little honey and perhaps some nuts if this is the case. 
  • Watch your portions. Ask for a box at the beginning of a meal while eating out and portion it out appropriately. 
  • Watch the alcohol. 
  • Hydrate!!!!! It’s not uncommon for dehydration symptoms to mimic hunger. Beyond just the fact that your body needs water, in order to avoid over snacking, it’s important you are drinking water!
  • When it comes to eating out and social pressures..order first! This way you can choose appropriately and maybe even help a colleague out who wants to eat better but feels the social pressure as well. 
  • Choose a high quality protein with every meal. 
  • Order dressing on the side.
  • Watch the Coffee. Creamer…can you see empty calories? 
  • Food journal. It really helps keep you accountable even if it’s not totally accurate. If using a tracker, add a TBSP of oil to your log when eating out to account for the excess oil restaurants use when cooking.

Hopefully these tips are helpful in the office and on the road!

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