3 Ways To Keep The Pounds off During Football Season

If you were to survey a crowd of people, I’m willing to bet many of them would say fall weekends = football. Regardless of if you are the one hosting, or heading to a tailgate- you’re probably expecting to eat some yummy food and possibly wash it down with a cold beer or two. Am I right? Football is definitely Ryan’s thing- not mine- but, you better believe I am always down for some Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Considering how long football season goes on, weekend after weekend of this activity could definitely hinder you successfully completing your nutrition/workout goals. It’s okay to indulge in a little Buffalo Chicken Dip (I know I will!) and a beer here and there; but there are also options to still indulge- while keeping a little healthier options.

Read on below for a few tips to help you curb your cravings while still enjoying yourself this football season!

#1. Substitute Where You Can…

While hosting or attending a football party, there is bound to be plenty of salty, greasy chips, heavy dips, pizza and wings sitting around. Here are a few substitutions that will make treating yourself a little more “healthy”.

Substitute: Sour Cream for Plain Greek Yogurt

What It Works For: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Macaroni Salad

Substitute: White Bread for Whole Wheat OR a Lettuce Wrap

What It Works For: Hotdog/ Hamburger Buns, Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Substitute: Speaking of pulled pork, crockpot shredded chicken is not only healthier but fast and easy

Substitute: Drink Mix for Flavored or Seltzer Water

What It Works For: Favorite Cocktails, or in place of soda. Do you love red wine? Mixing in a little seltzer makes a great wine spritzer and helps reduce calorie/sugar/carb in-take.

Consider giving these substitutions a try at your next gathering for a little less guilty partying!

#2. Reduce Carbs and Add in Fruits &Veggies!

A lot of game day fav’s are, let’s be real, carbohydrate overload!

While carbs are not a bad thing, it shouldn’t be your option of food available. Add color and healthier options such as fruit platters or a veggie try with a greek yogurt dressing or a low-fat ranch dressing. Zucchini pizza bites, sweet potato fries, bacon and sour cream jalapeños, and guacamole with celery or pita chips all feel indulgent with half the fat/carbs.

#3 Control Your Plate Portions

While the weekend is definitely meant for enjoying time spent with family and friends, (which if your family is anything like mine- food is a big part of), it doesn’t mean you can’t be considerate of your portion sizes. Rather than loading your plateful on the first pass through, use the FCG Plate guide, or Hand Portion Control Guide to help give you a basic idea. From there, if you’re still hungry, it’s not like you can’t go back for seconds. The same goes for drinking. Perhaps choose a lighter beer or a less sugary cocktail. Don’t forget to hydrate!!!! I like to try to fill up my plate with healthier options to fill up on while still portioning out the not so healthy options.

Football season should be a time of fun and fellowship with friends and family cheering on your favorite team or maybe even alma mater. It shouldn’t be a time of fear and/or falling totally off the wagon. Give these tips a consideration at your next gathering!

Looking for more help with nutritional habits?

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