4 Ways To Get Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important to not only your fitness goals, but your health.  Like working out and eating better, you have to make sleep a priority.  One could argue that it will make or break your fitness goals.    According to a WebMD study, just some of the consequences of not getting enough sleep is weight gain, heart disease, forgetfulness, and increased chances of mortality.  That alone, should get you wanting to sleep more.

Here are 4 ways you can help yourself get more sleep.

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#1 Go To Bed At A Decent Time: If 7-8 hours of sleep is your goal (which is pretty good) and you need to wake up at 5 to make your training sessions or go to work, try to get in bed no later than 10.  Waking up at 4? Try 9.  An issue we see when people aren’t going to bed at a good time is fear of missing a show.  DVR it and watch it at a different time.  Your sleep and health is a lot more important.

#2 Try To Eliminate All Electronics: Like the TV example above, getting on Facebook, Instagram, or texting all night before bed might keep you up for hours without realizing it.  Also, the blue light will disrupt your natural sleep wake cycles and may trick your brain in thinking its daytime.  Try to put your phone away a ½ hour or so before bed.

#3 Create A Routine: Do something that you can recreate every night before going to bed.  Maybe it’s meditation, prayer, or reading.  Something that will take your mind off the day before sleeping.

#4 Supplements: There are some over the counter supplements that are recommended to help you sleep.  Me personally, I take magnesium and ashwagandha about a ½ hour before bed.  Right before I go to bed, I’ll take some l-theanine and I’m pretty good.

Try these 4 out and see what happens to your sleep!


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