7 Tips to Help You While You’re Confined to Your Home

Like other gyms and businesses, First Capital Gym has been shut down for about 4 weeks.  To stay in contact with our members, we switched to all online training, and so far, has worked out great.

Since I’m not a fan of large group, random workouts or “workouts of the day”, we’ve continued with all Small Group Training and have been able to follow a plan.  

We’ve also been helping our members cope with the situation by implementing daily rituals that I finds helps me out.  It has also helped some of our members stay on tack  

Here are some tips that might help you out in the upcoming weeks.

#1 Accept The Current Norm: Yes, you are confined to your house and have to work from home.  You can’t go out to eat (this bothers me the most).  Sports are gone unless you’re like me and watch the old school games on ESPN.   Everything is different now. The faster you accept the situation, the better you’re off.  Complaining about this and that will only make it harder.

#2 Stay Off Social Media As Much As Possible: This is always true….with or without the Coronavirus.  How much time do you spend on social media?  I’m guilty of it too sometimes as I enjoy reading people argue over topics…..imagine having enough time to get in an argument on social media!

#3 Build A Daily & Weekly Planner: You were probably doing this already before the Coronavirus.  If you were not, start doing it.  This will keep you on track and grounded.  Having a set objective for the day accomplishes a lot of things, and, psychologically, keeps you motivated to perform tasks.  If you need an example of how to construct one that I use and what was recommended to our members, just email me at ryan@firstcapitalgym.com  and I’ll shoot you a copy.

#4 Get Some Daily Movement In: Everyday, you need to be doing something.  That doesn’t mean that you have to workout every day, however, it does mean you have to move every day.  For me personally, I’m trying to either get in a small training session a day or at least something that I’m getting my heart rate up and moving around.

#5 Try Harder Making Better Nutrition Decisions: Now, more than ever, your nutritional choices are extremely important.  Eating like crap is going to make you feel more lethargic, and with less activity, you’ll start putting on the pounds fast.  Try increasing your water intake as much as possible and don’t forget about your protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.    

#6 Supplementation: For me personally, I take Magnesium, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Multi Vitamin, Beats daily, with a Protein Drink 2x per day.  Since I’m not outside as much, I up the Vitamin D a tad.  Again, this is what I do.  You might have your own thing which is fine.  If you’re not taking anything and don’t know where to start, consult with your doctor.

#7 Learn Something: About a week into this, I realized I spent 20 hours watching Narcos: Mexico.  Great show, but, I could’ve been doing other things like bettering myself.  So, I try to take about 2 hours per day reading or learning something.  Obviously, a lot more constructive than watching TV.

Again, these are just recommendations that I found has helped myself, family, and our members.  Luckily, we have people who have mentored us during this time and that has helped tremendously.  I hope some of these tips will help you out.