8 Tips To Keep You From Blowing Your Diet On Vacation

After last year, everyone and I mean everyone, is ready for a good vacation.

Restrictions are lifting and more and more people are beginning to travel again.

The last thing you want is to feel even worse than before you left for that well deserved vacation.

So I’ve got 8 EASY tips to help keep you from going overboard. (With the calories that is!)

Eat Breakfast.

Vacation diet

Nine times out of ten if you’re an evening binge eater it’s probably because you didn’t get what you NEEDED during the day. Start your day off with a good protein. You’ll be less likely to over eat at lunch or dinner, and you’ll get a head start on your protein intake.

Plan Ahead.

To avoid over grazing, make a meal schedule. And stick to it. If you’re staying at an all inclusive resort where food is available 24/7, it’s really easy to pick all day and over eat without realizing it. If you’re going out to eat, plan in advance. Knowing what is in the area and available makes it easier to pick a place that’s more suited to your needs than just the first place you spot with an open space in the parking lot. Check out online menus. By preparing for the situation, you take CONTROL of the situation.

Abide By The “One Plate Rule.”

f you’re planning to hit a buffet, stick to one plate. Okay, maybe two with one of them being your salad plate. As far as the second plate- peruse the buffet. Find out what’s there. Then Narrow down your choices to things you would enjoy most- and keep it to one plate. Fill up on veggies, one or two palm size portions of protein, and the remaining quarter of your plate is reserved for starches, like bread, potatoes, or whole grains.

Speaking Of Veggies…

Filling up on veggies does just that- fills you up. The fiber and water volume contained in veggies will keep you diving into the bread basket for seconds and thirds. Swap out fries for veggies.

Prepare Your Own Meals.

If you’re renting a beach house or found a hotel with a kitchenette and a grill, there is no rule that says you can’t cook on vacation. Well, maybe not an official rule…

Seriously though, this a great way to experience local seafood, meats and produce. AND you have total control, meaning likely cooking with a lot less oils, etc…and saving you HUGE on calories. Hit the local grocery store is a great way to save money on snacks and pick at food. Not every meal needs to be out.

Keep A Water Bottle With You At All Times.

This should honestly probably be number one. Dehydration likes to disguise itself as hunger, so beware. Not to mention, by the time you are actually “thirsty” it’s probably too late. HYDRATE. Throwing fresh fruit in your water is refreshing, adds nutrients and could be a little snack once the water is done.

Share Meals.

If you’re truly dying for some French fries, fried calamari, nachos…share them with a group. You’ll avoid eating as much and still get to enjoy and experience the “fun stuff.”

Be Purposeful In Your Indulgence.

Let’s face it, you’re going on vacation to enjoy yourself. Do it! Someone once told me “On vacation there are two things you don’t count. Money and calories.” Let me know how that works out for you. But with that said, there are definitely going to be times where you want to indulge yourself in sweets and treats. Do so, but again, plan it out. Perhaps skip the fries if you know you’ll be opting for the Key Lime Pie later. (I know I am definitely opting for the Key Lime Pie!) Make a conscious decision to indulge in your favorite thing, not everything. Savor each bite and enjoy it!

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you navigate your next get away.

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