York County’s Only Fitness Over 40 Specialists!

Adult Small Group Training 

Are you looking at taking your training and strength to the next level?  Our Adult Small Group Training is designed specifically for people 40 and over looking to get in shape, stronger, and feel better.  Our Adult Small Group Training is our most popular program because it is more customized to the individual’s needs and fitness abilities. 

            Our Adult Small Group Training is more personalized training done in a group of 2-5 people.  We will design a program based off your consultation with us.  You will always be coached and supervised by one of our certified personal trainers.  This is all done in a more personalized setting while still focusing on your goals.

THE First Capital Gym DIFFERENCE

  • We are the only upscale personal training gym in the area that specializes in fitness after 40.
  • You will always be with a coach every time you step in the gym.
  • We are a private training gym that is focused on results, not number of members.
  • You’ll be surrounded with motivated, energized people who are successful in life and here at the gym.
  • We have a team of superior coaches who have years of experience in helping others.