Almost Half Way Through The Year

If you didn’t know, next week is half way through the year.  Remember back in Januray when I wrote about goals for 2019?  If you don’t remember or weren’t part of our email list, I would read this first>>

For me personally, I’m hitting the majority of them and I can tell.  I feel better mentally and physically.  At age 38, I feel better than I did in my mid 20s.

For the goals I’m NOT on pace to achieve, I need to find ways to get on track! 

As far as your fitness and personal goals, where do you stand so far?

Are you someone who vowed to get into shape this year and has done nothing?  Or started and stopped?  If this is the case, check out our 30 Day Jump Start Program to get you back in gear.  Just click here for more information>>

Are you being CONSISTENT with your training or showing up 1-2 times every 2-3 weeks?

Is your nutrition choices mirroring your weight loss goal?  If not, give a shout to Amber to get you on track>>

What I like MOST about success and failure is that YOU DECIDE what it’s going to be!

First Capital Gym is a results based gym that specializes in working with people over 40 with their fitness and weight loss goals.  If you are someone that needs guidance, motivation, and help getting in shape, check out our 30 Day Jump Start Program by clicking here>>