Are You Taking Your Vitamin D? You Should!

Recently we did a mini-series on the benefits of Vitamin D! The numerous benefits of this important vitamin are something to revisit. We are all wishing for more sunshine and increased immunity so this crucial vitamin deserves even more attention and consideration.

Supplementation of Vitamin D is beneficial across the board supporting our overall health and gym performance. Vitamin D’s multiple benefits include immune system support so it can better fight off viruses and bacteria. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation which will also help support our immune system response.

 Vitamin D offers bone health support particularly when coupled with calcium. Blood sugar management and a better insulin response are other benefits to having sufficient levels of Vitamin D. Lastly, a final health benefit from Vitamin D can be its ability to support restful sleep when other factors like TV, cell phone and caffeine before bed are minimalized. 

Improvements in gym performance can be seen from proper Vitamin D levels. It can help with optimal muscle function, muscle strength, balance and endurance. Vitamin D is involved in helping our bodies recover from exercise as well as reducing inflammation like we discussed earlier. Any help we receive with fighting inflammation offers additional recovery benefits.

Appropriate levels of Vitamin D can be challenging to achieve through dietary sources. Not impossible, but supplementation will certainly help meet your needs which are crucial to meet during these winter months with limited sunlight and time spent outside. Vitamin D3 is ideal for supplementation but Vitamin D2 is plant sourced for those who may need it.

Vitamin D supplements come in many forms including: tablets, capsules, gummies and liquids. Remember, Vitamin D is a “fat-soluble” vitamin which means it can be better utilized by the body when taken with dietary fats. It is usually recommended to take your Vitamin D with a meal to ensure better absorption. Too many benefits to pass up!

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