Supplements for Stress Management

Here’s How To Become A Master At Meal Prep

STRESS! If you add up a full-time job, bills, house to maintain, modified school schedules, honey do lists and getting to the gym, that’s a lot of things going on at once! We have to be at a hundred different places each week and it all plays a role and takes a toll on you … Read more

Here’s How To Become A Master At Meal Prep

Supplements for Stress Management

“I can’t meal prep.” “How do you do it?” “I just don’t have time.” Not having time is exactly why you need to meal prep!!! And with these quick tips and helpful hints you will be meal prepping like a pro in no time! Step One… Look Ahead Which days this week will you need pre-prepped meals? What nights are you working … Read more

Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Servings: 2Ingredients:For the Quinoa1/2 cup uncooked, rinsed and drained quinoa1 cup of waterA dash of salt1 tsp cinnamon1/4 tsp ginger1/8 tsp nutmeg2 TBSP maple syrup2 TBSP unsweetened vanilla almond milkFor the Cinnamon Apples1 Granny Smith Apple, peeled and diced1 tsp melted coconut oil2 tsp maple syrup1/2 tsp ground cinnamon For the Yogurt1/2 cup plain greek yogurt1 … Read more

Supplements to Help You Sleep

Supplements to Help You Sleep

The power of sleep and the profound effect it has on our overall health and performance in the gym is frequently neglected. Sleep isn’t usually seen as a priority when it just seems like there are too many things to accomplish in a day. Positive sleep habits like avoiding screens, keeping a cool, dark room … Read more

Thai Blackberry Basil Chicken

While it is true this recipe might come across a little different with the blackberries, do not discount them as they are the true star of this dish.Serves 4Ingredients:3/4 boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces2 TBSP fish sauce2 TBSP minced garlic1 TBSP coconut aminos1 TBSP hoisin sauce1 TBSP rice vinegar1/2 tsp crushed … Read more

Fish Oil

fish oil

Fish Oil is a popular and widely used supplement for a variety of reasons.  It is important to first understand that if you consume fish 1-2 times per week you are already a step ahead for receiving its benefits.  Supplementation of Omega-3s, particularly those found in fish oil, would be most beneficial for the individual … Read more

Easiest Chicken Parm You’ll Ever Make


Serves 4 Ingredients: For the Chicken Parm: 4 boneless skinless chicken breast (butterflied and pounded out thin with. Meat tenderizing hammer) 1/2 cup gluten free Italian bread crumbs 2 TBSP EVOO 1 cup fresh shredded parmesan cheese 1 cup mozzarella (shredded or fresh cut slices) Gluten Free angel hair pasta Roasted Red Pepper SauceFor the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce: 16 oz. jar of roasted red … Read more

Chicken Pancit

Chicken Pancit

Calories: 372kcal Carbs: 44g Protein: 28g Fat 9g Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 15-20 minutes Serves 5Ingredients:1.5 lb boneless skinless chicken breast2 cups shredded cabbage or bagged coleslaw mix1 cup shredded carrots2 stalks celery1 medium sweet onion1 TBSP minced garlic1 TBSP minced ginger2 TBSP olive oil1 jalapeno1 lemon- juiced1-3 TBSP coconut aminos5 green onions6.5 oz rice noodlesInstructions:While you’re bring a … Read more

The Importance of Strength Training

Strength training should be the foundation of your program. As we age, our strength and muscle mass decreases. Do yourself a favor and slow down that process. Stronger people are more confident as well. If your goal is fat loss, strength training is the most important after nutrition. Strength training builds lean muscle. Muscle burns … Read more

10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight – Part 3

Sleep at Least Seven Hours Each Night for Consistent Weight Loss Four in 10 Americans get less than the recommended seven or more hours of sleep. Sleep is the first thing most of us give up when life gets too hectic. Deadlines and family demands have us setting the alarm clock earlier and earlier or staying up … Read more

10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight – Part 5

Do Something That Terrifies You Every Day It has been said that twenty seconds of fear is all you need. If you are willing to confront fear for twenty seconds every day, you can change your life. So how does fear stop you? If you take twenty seconds to make that phone call, ask that question, walk … Read more

10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight – Part 4

Do Something Kind for Someone Else Every Day Helping others is one of the great joys in life. And the fact is, if we’re too busy to lend a hand, chances are that we aren’t living up to our potential. Helping others allows us to connect with the people around us and shows us different sides of … Read more

10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight – Part 1

10 Ways People Over 40 Can Lose Weight

Last week, we looked at 3 ways you can get motivated to lose weight.  If you haven’t read that yet, check it out by reading it here.  Now it’s time to focus on way you can lose weight.  Instead of throwing it at you all at once, we’ll break it up in the next several weeks. 1. … Read more