Magnesium plays a part in over 300 reactions in the human body! It is an essential mineral to our function, however, it is common for most adults to miss the mark on consuming enough on a consistent basis.  Magnesium is usually consumed in larger amounts compared to other minerals. Typically, 100mg per day is adequate … Read more

Are You Eating Enough

Eat more York PA

“If you eat more than 1200 calories, you’re going to blow up.”“If you want to lose weight you HAVE to cut out ALL carbs, sugar and dairy.”“Working out more isn’t enough, you have to REALLY drop your calories.”I bet at one time or another you’ve been told or thought one of the statements above. They’re … Read more

Heart Disease in Women

We have been focusing on the heart in February and it’s important to talk about why it matters. At first glance, this may seem pretty obvious but it goes deeper than that. There is no doubt that we want to stay healthy, live a life that we enjoy and be here for our family and … Read more

Folate For A Healthy Heart

Folate (or Folic Acid), a B-Vitamin, is the next supplement we’ll be looking at during our Heart Health Focus in February. Folate is typically recognized for its role in healthy fetal development. It also offers benefits to our hearts as well. This essential nutrient can be found in eggs, beans and dark, leafy green vegetables. In … Read more

Vitamin K Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Vitamin K for Health

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that has many benefits around the body including bone health and has even been used in treating certain types of cancers. It plays many roles in keeping our hearts healthy and makes our February supplement focus list. The benefits of Vitamin K on heart health includes:•Decreased risk of heart … Read more

Our Most Popular Salmon Recipe

Salmon recipe

This recipe is not only our most popular, but it’s also HEART HEALTHY! It’s high in protein and heathy fats and takes little time to prepare!Total Calories: 230kcalProtein: 23gCarbs: 13gFat: 10gPrep Time: 5 minutesCook Time: 2o minutesServes: 6Ingredients:1/2 cup honey3 TBSP coconut aminos2 TBSP rice wine vinegar2 TBSP minced garlic1/2 tsp crush red pepper flakes4 … Read more


Nutrition York Pa First Capital Gym

February is Heart Health Month and where we will put our focus for this mini blog series. The series will discuss 5 different supplements that support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.The 5 supplements that we will be discussing are:-Magnesium-Folate-Vitamin K-Omega 3-CoQ10 The first supplement that we will be looking at is Magnesium.We have discussed magnesium … Read more

Vitamin C: An Antioxidant Powerhouse

Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse. This means it can strengthen our immune systems and help us fight free radicals. If too many free radicals hang around together it leads to oxidative stress, an imbalance in our bodies which has close ties to adverse health effects. Aside from a stronger immune system, Vitamin C may … Read more

Fight Infection & Inflammation With Zinc


Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential to our function. Our bodies are unable to produce it naturally so we must consume it through diet or supplementation. Individuals with poor dietary habits could likely be deficient in zinc. It typically comes from red meat, poultry, beans and nuts. Zinc is extremely important and its biggest … Read more

Optimize Your Metabolism Today


Metabolism is a term that makes most people think about how efficient they are at burning calories and having a lean body composition. However, it is a complicated equation that is affected by many things including: age, weight, health status and gender.  Metabolism goes beyond how much weight we lose or gain. It encompasses how … Read more

Are You Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison is the thief of joy said Theodore Roosevelt. When you compare yourself to others, you’ll never be satisfied.  When you’re not satisfied, you’re more likely to quit. With everyone on social media, it’s easy to look at other people and their accomplishments and compare yourself to them.  What’s crazy is that lots of times these … Read more

Is Your Lifestyle The Reason You’re Not Making Your Goals?

You now have your goals written down and you have a plan of attack. Unfortunately, lifestyle is one thing that gets overlooked when people start exercising. The problem is that your lifestyle will ultimately dictate whether you’ll reach your goals or not.In my 2023 Goals Workshop a few weeks back I mentioned that most people … Read more

What’s Your Plan Of Attack This Year?

What’s Your Plan Of Attack This Year?

You set your goals for 2023 so you’re already off to a great start! Now, what’s the plan. Like the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” No, saying you’re going to start going to the gym is not a plan, it’s a tactic. Saying you’re going to eat right … Read more

How’s Your Mindset?

In the last week, we talked about MAKING SPECIFIC GOALS, HAVING A PLAN OF ATTACK, LIFESTYLE, COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS, AND THE TOUR DE FORCE MODE. The final topic we’ll look at is mindset, which I believe is the most important one of them all. If your mindset is not ready for the changes and challenges ahead, … Read more