Is Grilling Your Meat Unsafe?

The smell of the grill alone…. anyone else drooling already? Let’s get right to the truth of the matter…It doesn’t matter what you put on there. Burgers? Steak? Sausage? Seafood? Veggies? Watermelon? Grilling makes food taste ah-may-zing. Yep! Even watermelon! But the grill doesn’t just make your food taste awesome, it offers some decent health benefits to … Read more

Kettlebell Fat Loss Complex 2

York Pa Gym - Kettlebell Complex for Fat Loss

On Monday, Jane showed a challenging double kettlebell complex.  If your double kettlebell work needs work or you never done them, sticking with one kettlebell is your best option. In the complex below, Jane demonstrates:             1 Swing             1 Clean             1 Squat             1 Press             Switch to the other side   Depending on your fitness level, you could choose … Read more

Mixed Berry Baked Oatmeal

​3 cups quick cook oats2/3 cup brown sugar1/3 cup coconut flour1 tsp ground ginger2 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt2 eggs2 cups milk1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil1 tsp vanilla1 cup each:BlueberriesBlackberriesStrawberriesRaspberries Preheat oven to 350 FLightly grease 9×13” glass baking dishCut up fruit to desired sizeCombine all ingredients except berriesGently fold in berriesBake at 350 … Read more

Double Kettlebell Complex for Fat Loss

Last week, we talked about complexes and how effective they are at building strength and fat loss.  In last week’s example, Jane demonstrated a single kettlebell complex.  1 bell is great but 2 are better.  In this example, Jane shows off a great double kettlebell complex.   If you notice, the time it takes to complete … Read more

Tactical Strength Challenge

3 coaches from First Capital Gym competed in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge.  The Tactical Strength Challenge is held throughout the whole country.  It tests your max deadlift, max pull ups, and max kettlebell snatches.  For women, there is two weight classes and for men, just one. To say First Capital Gym represented the York area well … Read more


For this week, we are going to be focusing on complexes.  Complexes are highly used at First Capital Gym because it’s great for increasing lean muscle, power, strength, endurance, and conditioning.  Before showing you a bunch of examples, you need to know what a complex is.  A complex is a series of exercises performed one … Read more

Jami May Workout

One of the biggest joys we get at First Capital Gym is watching people succeed when they’re committed to a goal.  Jami has been training with us in our Personal Training Program about 7 months ago.  Jami drastically changed his lifestyle around including his nutrition and adding exercise to the mix.  Since then, Jami has … Read more

May Circuit #2

On Monday, we briefly explained what a circuit is.  If you haven’t read it, check it out here>>  With Monday’s example, we didn’t add any power movements.  Today’s example, we added a power exercise (and also a complex) in the circuit.  Here we got Melanie completing: Swings into Goblet Squats (complex) Pushups Goblet Box Step Up Side Plank w/ Hip … Read more

Avocado Veggie Tuna Salad

Ingredients:3 large avocados3 large cans of solid white albacore tuna1 small red pepper, chopped1 small yellow pepper, chopped1 small tomato, diced1 jalapeño, de-seeded and diced1/2-1 cup shredded carrots1/2-1 cup shredded broccolini mix1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil2 TBSP lime juicePinch of smoked paprikaCrushed red pepper to tasteBlack pepper to tasteHimalayan pink … Read more

Circuit Training

One of the main excuses why people don’t go to the gym or workout, is “not having enough time.”  On most occasions, these people think they need to spend hours at the gym on treadmills, elliptical, or performing outdated machine circuits. A great way to get the most out of your training is performing your exercises … Read more

Kettlebell Snatch Workout

If your kettlebell skills are up to par and you know how to snatch, you could try these variations.  In the examples below, Amber snatches 5 on each side with an 18kg bell while Ryan snatches 10 on the right side with a 32kg bell.  We would perform this until we got to 120 reps.  … Read more

Workout #2

For today’s training, all you need is 2 kettlebells and a stability ball.  As far as kettlebell skills, you need to how to press correctly.  Here’s a good article that goes over what a good press is: Just a heads up, you can change the kettlebells to dumbbells and the single leg deadlift can also be … Read more

Summer is Coming!!!!

Today is May 1st and summer is right around the corner.  With that said, vacations are soon coming up, along with graduation parties, cookouts, and other fun events.  Just like the month of December, the summer time is where people sometimes coast or even just stop working out and living healthy.  Do we want you to … Read more