Double The Fun

In this video, First Capital Gym coach Amber Zuver demonstrates a double kettlebell complex that consists of: Double Swings x 3 Double Cleans x 3 Double Press x 3 Double Squat x 3 Depending on your fitness level and kettlebell skill, we recommend doing this complex 5-10 sets with anywhere between 30-90 second break.

Workout #9: Squat Sandwich

Guys: 20-28 kg bellWomen: 10-16 kg bellSquats are the main dish in this complex and they’re plenty of them. In a nutshell, you’ll be squeezing squats in between pressing. Here’s how it would look:5 Squats 3 Presses (R)5 Squats3 Presses (L)5 Squats3 Presses (R)5 Squats3 Presses (L)Since the squat is a total body exercise, this … Read more

Workout #7: Not So Lucky

If you have problems with lunging, modify it with one of these examples: Guys:  16-24 kg bellWomen: 8-16 kg bellIf you pick a challenging weight, I honestly believe this is the hardest one of all 10 workouts. Your legs, heart, and lungs will definitely be challenged here In this complex, you’ll be performing 7 repetitions … Read more

Workout #5: I Got 5 On It

Guys: 20-28 kg bellWomen: 10-16 kg bellThis complex here hits almost all the basic kettlebell fundamentals in one. This is definitely a tough one that’s going to tax the lungs and heart. In this complex, you’ll be doing:5 single arm swings5 cleans5 presses5 squatsSwitch to the other side and repeatDepending on your fitness level, we … Read more

Workout #3: The Express

Guys:     20-28 kg bellWomen: 12-16 kg bell​If you have a challenging enough weight, The Express can be a killer! This goes by very fast but do not take it lightly. In this circuit, we’ll be performing 10 kettlebell swings, 5 goblet squats, 10 pushups, and 10 stability ball rollouts. Don’t worry, if you don’t … Read more