Circus Acts

A few years ago, I went to either a circus or carnival up in Hershey.  Not sure if there is a difference but I know I went to one.  During one of the acts, some of the performers were juggling kettlebells.  It was pretty impressive.  What does a trip up to Hershey have to do with a fitness blog?

If you have been following us on our social media, you will notice there is not too much variety in our programming.  Actually, there is lots of variety but in a different way.  I’ll explain that later.

The reason for not having lots of variety is because we’re not in the circus business, but producing results.  Do yourself a favor and watch a posted “training session” on Facebook.  You will see adults attempting to perform exercises or circuits that most college athletes would have trouble doing.  

Why are people doing this?  

#1, I think the trainer or gym is giving in to what the client or member wants to do, NOT WHAT THEY NEED.

#2, there is no built in regression and progression in the programming.  When this happens, training sessions made up on the fly happen, which is where you will see the circus show. 

So what do we do if we’re not in the circus business.  Let’s look at a few exercises and see could add more variety without necessarily changing the exercise.

Kettlebell Swing Variation:

Split Squat Variation:


Now with the above examples, you could pretty much work with anybody.  How do you add more variety to the above?  Change the rep/set/rest schemes.

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