Besides CONSISTENCY, another BIG C word at First Capital Gym is COMMITMENT.  Commitment to a process.  Commitment to goals.  Commitment is everything!  Weight loss, gaining strength, being healthy, and eating right is not a 3 month program, 6 week challenge, or can be purchased in a DVD set.  No, it’s a commitment.

Take Jamie.  A year ago this man was not just extremely overweight, but felt weak, always was in pain, and not healthy.  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, not doing anything, or blame others, he decided to make a change.  He wasn’t looking for a quick fix but a total change and a commitment to a new life style.  Jamie changed is eating habits and decided to bring exercise into his life.

In November, Jamie came to First Capital Gym.  I remember Jamie’s first session.  Yes, he was out of shape.  He knew that and I knew that.  What I did learn was that Jamie was going to be totally committed to the process! 

Almost a year later, Jamie is still at it and making great progress.  No pain.  More energy.  More confidence!  Keep up the great work Jamie.

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First Capital Gym is a results based gym that specializes in working with people over 40 with their fitness and weight loss goals. If you are someone that needs guidance, motivation, and help getting in shape, check out our 30 Day Jump Start Program by clicking here>>