For this week, we are going to be focusing on complexes.  Complexes are highly used at First Capital Gym because it’s great for increasing lean muscle, power, strength, endurance, and conditioning.  Before showing you a bunch of examples, you need to know what a complex is.  A complex is a series of exercises performed one after another with the same weight and without rest.  You can do this with a barbell, kettlebell(s), and dumbbell(s).  At First Capital Gym, we use predominately use kettlebells for complexes because they’re easier to teach and we find them more effective.  If you were short of time and space, complexes are probably your best bet. 

With complexes, you need to be careful with what weight you use.  For example, I can comfortably press and squat (2) 32kg kettlebells with relative ease.  If I were doing a complex for conditioning, I would use either (2) 20kg or (2) 24kg kettlebells.  Once you start experimenting with complexes, you’ll know what I mean REAL QUICK!

            In the example below, Jane demonstrates a single kettlebell complex consisting of:

            5 Single Arm Swings

            5 Single Arm Cleans

            5 Single Arm Presses

            5 Squats

            Switch to the other side and perform the same the reps

If you were paying attention to the time, this particular set took just shy of 2 minutes.  Depending on your ability and fitness level, we would recommend you doing this for 1-5 sets with rest up to 1-2 minutes.

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