Consistency Is The Key!

In the last 16 years as a fitness professional, I found there is one word that separates the people who accomplish their goals and the ones who don’t.  That is consistency.  Consistency is everything.  Our coaches at First Capital Gym constantly drive this to our members.  Regardless of your goal, consistency is the key!  Consistency in making better food choices.  Consistent with making your training sessions.  Consistent with going to bed at a better time. 

To be consistent, I believe you must build habits first.  I’ve been reading a great book called Atomic Habits, and the author believes that building small habits or routines will ultimately build success.  For example, if your goal is fat loss and you find yourself constantly at a McDonalds drive through for lunch, it might be a good idea to start packing.  Your new habit, packing a healthy lunch the night before is your new habit.  Now, the next thing you have to do is consistently do this.  Just with this example, how do you think this will affect your fat loss goals?

One of the huge takeaways from Atomic Habits is that most people look for a drastic change when they start developing better habits.  When this drastic change doesn’t happen, a lot of the times, people quit.  In most cases, if they were more consistent and gave it more time, they would see changes.

Are you having problems with reaching your fitness goals?  Lots of times, consistency is the main issue.  Have your goal.  Pick a habit that will positively affect it.  Then be consistent with it.


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