Consistency Is Where Most People Go Wrong

During our Strategy Session with new members at First Capital Gym, CONSISTENCY & DISCIPLINE come up a lot.  When it comes down to reaching your health and fitness goals, or any goals in life for that matter, consistency and discipline need to present.  Today, we’ll look at consistency and how it might be hindering you.

If you’re someone who is just starting going to the gym or is thinking about it,  you need to realize right now that consistency will make or break your goals.  To make it simple, if you’re somebody trying to lose weight, you would need to look at 5 categories:

Consistency Is Where Most People Go Wrong

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Supplementation

Let’s take those 5 categories and look at them from John and Jake’s view.  Both are new at the gym and are trying to lose 40 pounds in a year.


  • Eats clean 3 days per week but splurges on the weekends
  • Trains hard at the gym 2 times per week that leaves him feeling fried after every session. 
  • Gets 7 hours a sleep during the week and 5 hours on the weekends
  • Takes his supplements during the week and not on the weekends


  • Made small changes in his nutrition that he’s able to eat better 7 days per week
  • Trains at an appropriate intensity 3x per week and on his off days, likes to bike, walk, or go hiking .
  • Gets 7 hours a sleep every night
  • Takes his supplements every day

When you look at those two examples in writing, it’s obvious that Jake’s approach is the better one.  The problem is, MOST PEOPLE TAKE JOHN’S APPROACH AND WONDER WHY NOTHING IS CHANGING (except gaining more weight and feeling tired/sluggish).

In that example, Jake was doing everything consistently.  He didn’t go all out for a couple of days and splurge on the others.  Just from a training standpoint, Jake would have gone to the gym 156 times that year compared to John’s 104.  This doesn’t count his days that he’s getting work outside the gym.  We all know that nutrition is key for weight loss.  Jake destroys John because John eats clean 156 a year and trash 200 days a year. 

You can use thousands of examples for this. 

The main key is that you want to be CONSISTENT.  Make small changes and be consistent with them.  When they stop working, you’re going to have to make changes and be consistent with them until they stop…...keep repeating!

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Ryan Zuver

Author Bio

Ryan opened First Capital Gym in York, PA is 2018. He has helped hundreds of adults and athletes achieve their fitness goals since 2004. Ryan, a former Marine, has built a great reputation based on his work ethic, character, loyalty to his clients, and dedication to improving himself as a coach. He is also well respected by local physical therapists and chiropractors in the area.