Consistency Will Always Be Intensity

A few weeks ago during our 2023 Goal Setting Workshop, we put up a slide that showed what one workout could do for someone wanting to lose weight.  The example was one workout that burned 300 calories in 45 minutes.  I realize that 300 calories is not a lot but I wanted to use a worst case scenario.

Next, we multiplied the 300 calories by 52 (weeks in a year) and came up with 15,600.  This would be 15,600 calories.  There’s 3500 calories in a pound.  That’s roughly 4.5 pounds. In this example, the person performing just one workout per week will lose 4.5 pounds.

If someone did two workouts in this example, it would be 9 pounds.  Now just imagine if this same person dialed in their nutrition.  The results could be amazing.

The slide I was referring to dealt with the importance of consistency.  The personal trainers of First Capital Gym continuously preach the importance of consistency and how it will ultimately make or break your goals. 

We also preach that consistency will always beat intensity.  Over a year period, the person who shows up to workout 3x per week will see much better results than someone who trains 1-2 times every weeks but goes hard.

Stay consistent this year and reap the benefits of your hard work!

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Michael Allen

Author Bio

Michael has been working with clients in the gym and countless adults in a physical therapy setting since 2013. He spent 3 semesters working at Towson University with student-athletes from nearly every sport at the school. He served as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Kennard-Dale High School during the 2019-2020 school year. His goal is to always get better and give you the safest and most effective use of your time at First Capital Gym.