Control The Urge To Go Back For Seconds With These Three Easy To Apply Tips

1. When serving yourself, put a reasonable portion on your plate, and then hands off the serving bowl!! You heard me, walk away. Take a drink, find something to occupy your mind. But walk away.

2. Studies show that keeping serving dishes at least six feet away makes you think twice about going back for seconds- so keeping the casserole dish in the kitchen instead of on the table is a great deterrent. In other words, kitchen buffet style is fine, but keep the serving platters off the dining room table.

3. Did you ever hear the saying, your eyes are bigger than your stomach? It’s pretty accurate in that most people tend to eat with their eyes as opposed to listening to their stomach. With a smaller plate, bowl, or even spoon people tend to eat less because you can’t take as much at a time. This tactic of using a smaller plate is especially useful if you grew up as a card carrying member of the clean your plate or you don’t leave the table club like I did…

Here at First Capital Gym, we really like to use our hand guide to help create our ideal servings without weighing and measuring, give it a try!


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