Eliminate Activities To Achieve Your Goals

Lots of times, to achieve goals, you need to eliminate things instead of adding more tasks. For example, if someone were trying to lose weight and fat, most of the times, the initial response is adding a substantial amount of exercising and following an impractical nutrition plan.  No, I’m not saying exercising and a good diet is wrong.  These are all good but let’s look at some of the things we can eliminate or decrease. 

For example, maybe this person needs to eliminate sugary foods and drinks from the diet.  It also could mean to decrease television and Facebook browsing a half hour a night to get more sleep. 

In the example below, Angie has been working on getting a bodyweight chin up for some time now.  Despite not putting her on a specific program to get a chin up, she was somehow able to get three (on her 49th birthday).

 How did this happen?  Well first, she added one additional strength training session to her schedule.  But I think it happened because she eliminated teaching large group fitness classes.  The group fitness classes were focused on a large volume of reps with no rhyme or reason.  She has not taught a class in about 2 months and now is able to do 3 chin ups.  Could be a coincidence but more than likely not. 

Again, the point is, you sometimes have to eliminate (or at least decrease) certain activities for you to achieve your goals.  Adding things isn’t always the answer.

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