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Selina Jackson has been training at First Capital Gym since early 2017Unless she has to travel for work, Selina comes[...]
Last week, we showed how we progress the split squat starting from body weight to a suitcase hold.In case you[...]
On Monday, we showed you 4 variations of the split squat.  With these variations and the ones we will show[...]
These were a pretty big hit at our recent open house! Thank you to everyone who came out! As requested,[...]
The split squat has been a forgotten exercise and we don’t know why.  The split squat is a tremendous lower[...]
Foam rolling and other soft tissue techniques have been a staple in our programming for years. Foam rolling has caught[...]
You spent the last 10 months trying to eat right (at least most of the time) and made your training[...]
The Kettlebell Push Press is one of our favorites at First Capital Gym.  We feel it’s a great exercise for[...]
The TRX Row is a great exercise.  This is a STAPLE at First Capital Gym. Since using the TRX back[...]
Beef Tortillas Ingredients: 3lb beef chuck roast 1 bunch of cilantro 6 cloves garlic 1 lime 1 tsp oregano 1/4[...]
Congratulations to First Capital Gym coach Amber for successfully completing The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.  This certification is one[...]
I remember as a kid, my family and I would go to Willow Valley for their breakfast smorgasbord. While I waited[...]
Like we mentioned last Thursday in our daily email, November & December are months where fitness goals sometimes takes a[...]
I began my journey into strength training around 19. I decided to take it to the next level and turn[...]
What is Small Group Training?  You might have heard it as Small Group Personal Training or even Semi Private Training. [...]
Have you ever seen the movie Argo? Do you remember the scene where people are putting back together shredded documents?[...]