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If you follow First Capital Gym’s social media, you’ll see we have the majority of our members swinging kettlebells.  The[...]
                I know you’re used to the “look at me, I’m awesome” posts that you see on most social media[...]
Drive (sit) to work.Sit at work.Drive (sit) back home.Sit and eat dinner.Drive (sit) to gym.Do a machine (sit) circuit.Drive (sit)[...]
Looking for a quick and simple breakfast/post workout snack with no added sugar? It doesn’t get much easier than this!Ingredients:1[...]
“I want to lose weight”…..” “I want to get in better shape”….. “ I have a wedding and want to[...]
The single leg deadlift is another “go to” exercise at First Capital Gym.  It is a great exercise for the[...]
If you turned on the tv in the last few years or been down the drug aisle at the grocery[...]
2019 is obviously right around the corner.  With the New Years comes New Year’s Resolutions.  If I were to bet,[...]
So far, we have showed you several ways to perform the split squat.  If the split squat is new to[...]
Food for thought….With January approaching, we see a lot of people going into the “new year, new me” mode. Unfortunately,[...]
Last week, we explained that one of the main culprits in performing the split squat correctly was the set up.[...]
Selina Jackson has been training at First Capital Gym since early 2017Unless she has to travel for work, Selina comes[...]
Last week, we showed how we progress the split squat starting from body weight to a suitcase hold.In case you[...]
On Monday, we showed you 4 variations of the split squat.  With these variations and the ones we will show[...]
These were a pretty big hit at our recent open house! Thank you to everyone who came out! As requested,[...]
The split squat has been a forgotten exercise and we don’t know why.  The split squat is a tremendous lower[...]