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When it comes to training your core, situps, crunches, and Russian twists are a thing of the past.  We now[...]
You’ve got a huge deadline at work. Your kids are at each other. Your aging parents need help. Plain and[...]
This recipe is from our good friend Rebecca Coppersmith.  It’s health and taste great! 2 cups quiona rinsed4 mini cucumbers[...]
Despite being summer, you can still get some quick training sessions in.  If you’re good with kettlebells, here are some[...]
INGREDIENTS:4 chicken breasts- butterflied8 oz ricotta cheese2 C mozzerella1 eggs1 TBSP Italian seasoning (or more depending on preference)Crushed red pepper[...]
If you’re having trouble getting vegetables and protein with breakfast, check this out! 20 oz egg whites1 Cup chopped broccoli[...]
On July 4th, Amber, Bella, and I helped my some family move.  We didn’t care. I actually like to help[...]
This delicious smoothie bowl has no added sugar and is simple and easy to make! Super filling, incredibly healthy, and sure[...]
Besides CONSISTENCY, another BIG C word at First Capital Gym is COMMITMENT.  Commitment to a process.  Commitment to goals.  Commitment[...]
Back in May, we showed a bunch of quick workouts you could do when on vacation.  Lots of times, there[...]
If you didn’t know, next week is half way through the year.  Remember back in Januray when I wrote about[...]
Did you know there is actually a website called “"?You’ve got cabbage diets, lemon cleanses, the amputation diet…you know, the[...]
(With Turkey Burger)Ingredients:For the “Burger”:1 lb. lean ground turkey burger1 TBSP yellow mustard1 tsp garlic powder1 tsp sea salt1/2 tsp[...]
Where do you want to be 10-20 years from now?If you’re in your 30s, where do you want to be[...]
We’ve all been there.You meet a friend for lunch and they’re raving about this new diet they’re on.Before jumping on[...]
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), like strength training is a must when it comes to fat loss.  I would like[...]