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A few years ago, I went to either a circus or carnival up in Hershey.  Not sure if there is[...]
What is Grass-fed beef and is it healthier for me? Does grass-fed mean it is organic as well?The common sense[...]
Ingredients:1 1/2 pounds chicken breast, cut into approximately 1 inch cubes3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice1 tablespoon red wine vinegar1 tablespoon[...]
The Kettlebell Press (single & doubles) is an outstanding total body exercise that can build tremendous strength.  Notice we said,[...]
Would you like to press a heavy kettlebell?  Yes!Would you like to squat two kettlebells at one time?  Yes!Would you[...]
Organic= Healthy= Better…Right?Sort of, but not exactly. While buying organic might help you avoid a lot of chemicals, which is[...]
At First Capital Gym, we strive at meeting people where they are at with their fitness levels.  In our Small[...]
Lots of times, to achieve goals, you need to eliminate things instead of adding more tasks. For example, if someone[...]
Ingredients:2lbs. Ground Bison (80-90% lean)Diced Jalopenos1/2 cup real turkey bacon bits4 slices of American Cheese, folded into quarters2 Tbsp GheeDirections:Combine[...]
Last week, we talked about the benefits of the kettlebell swing.  If you didn’t read it, check it out here>>[...]
If fat loss is your main goal, without a doubt, your nutrition & lifestyle is going to make or break[...]
Let’s start with what exactly is Intermittent Fasting (IF)? Intermittent Fasting is simply going for extended periods of time without[...]
Spaghetti squash2lb shrimp- pre-cooked, deveined and tails removed1 pack turkey kielbasa Celery- chopped Green pepper- dicedI3.5 oz can of diced[...]
Binge Eating- Over eating paired with a loss of control. For some people, they can go days and weeks without binging,[...]
2 cups of cooked quiona2 cups of beans of your choice (northern, black, red, or kidney beans. I used a[...]
Like we mentioned last week (and plenty of times before that), the deadlift or hip hinge is an excellent exercise[...]