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The smell of the grill alone…. anyone else drooling already? Let’s get right to the truth of the matter…It doesn’t[...]
On Monday, Jane showed a challenging double kettlebell complex.  If your double kettlebell work needs work or you never done[...]
​3 cups quick cook oats2/3 cup brown sugar1/3 cup coconut flour1 tsp ground ginger2 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt2 eggs2[...]
Last week, we talked about complexes and how effective they are at building strength and fat loss.  In last week’s[...]
3 coaches from First Capital Gym competed in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge.  The Tactical Strength Challenge is held throughout the[...]
For this week, we are going to be focusing on complexes.  Complexes are highly used at First Capital Gym because[...]
This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. If you’re a Momma, I hope that means you were able to enjoy the[...]
One of the biggest joys we get at First Capital Gym is watching people succeed when they’re committed to a[...]
On Monday, we briefly explained what a circuit is.  If you haven’t read it, check it out here>> With Monday’s[...]
Ingredients:3 large avocados3 large cans of solid white albacore tuna1 small red pepper, chopped1 small yellow pepper, chopped1 small tomato,[...]
One of the main excuses why people don’t go to the gym or workout, is “not having enough time.”  On[...]
If your kettlebell skills are up to par and you know how to snatch, you could try these variations.  In[...]
For today’s training, all you need is 2 kettlebells and a stability ball.  As far as kettlebell skills, you need[...]
Today is May 1st and summer is right around the corner.  With that said, vacations are soon coming up, along[...]
Do you recall the Adam Sandler movie ‘Click’, where Christopher Walken gives him a universal remote and he’s able to[...]
I have been going to my church, Pleasureville United Method Church, since I was born.  Along with trying to be[...]