Fight Infection & Inflammation With Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential to our function. Our bodies are unable to produce it naturally so we must consume it through diet or supplementation. Individuals with poor dietary habits could likely be deficient in zinc. It typically comes from red meat, poultry, beans and nuts.

Zinc is extremely important and its biggest impact likely happens with our immune system. It can help us fight infection and also helps our response to inflammation.

Zinc comes in different supplemental forms and not all zinc is created equal. The effectiveness of supplemental zinc is driven by one major quality, absorption. Absorption matters because your supplement can be more effective and tolerated better by your body.


 Minerals, including zinc, are not always well absorbed by the body so supplementing with forms of zinc that optimize absorption makes it more important. Certain forms are simply better. The two forms of zinc found to have better absorption are:

Zinc Bisglycinate

Zinc Picolinate

Between these two forms, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. They are both effective in comparison to other forms of zinc.

The two forms of zinc listed above are backed by more research and often found to be superior in absorption to other forms of zinc such as:

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Citrate

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Bisglycinate and Zinc Picolinate are both offered by Thorne. Quality supplements matter and they can be hard to find at big stores offering cheaper prices. If you think supplementation is right for you and your physician has approved an appropriate dosage, consider taking one of these two forms. Support your overall health and immune system with zinc during these cold months!

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