Filling In The Gaps – The BIG Three

Here at First Capital Gym, we talk a lot about supplements and their benefits. About what works, what doesn’t. What’s good, what’s not so great. Third party testing vs. “snake oil.”

We talk a lot about trying to get in the right nutrients via food, and supplementing to fill in the gaps.

In regards to filling in the gaps, here are our big three…

Number One… Protein

The BIG Three

If you exercise, a good rule of thumb is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. However, studies have shown on average women get about 80-100 grams of protein per day. Men? About 110 to 130 grams of protein per day. Here at First Capital Gym? It is not uncommon for me to sit down with someone to go over their food journals only to find out they’re only consuming 40-80 grams of protein per day!!!! I highly recommend keeping a high quality protein powder on hand to supplement your daily needs. When choosing a food source for protein, keep in mind that typically the less legs it has, the leaner it is. (Animal protein.)

Number two… Green Supplements

It is recommended that you consume at least 3-5 servings of veggies a day. Very few of the people I meet with/ coach are actually doing this. For these folks I like to recommend a super greens supplement. It’s great because it comes in powder form, can be mixed and drank in a mere few seconds. Who doesn’t like quick and easy?

Number Three… Fish Oil Supplement

EPA and DHA are healthy fats found in fish oils. The minimum recommended EPA and DHA is 900g per day. The average American usually gets about 300g in daily. That is ⅓ of the recommended daily amount for good health. I strongly recommend a good high quality, third party tested Fish Oil, taken daily. 

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