Fixed & Growth Mindset

A good mindset will pave the way for success in almost every aspect of your life. To keep it simple, there are two mindsets that exist and we are fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose which one we implement in our daily lives. These mindsets are the fixed and growth mindset.

The fixed mindset is a limiting mindset that views challenges as barriers. Individuals who are set in this mindset will often:

  • Give up easily
  • Disregard feedback
  • View others’ success as a threat

In terms of training, progress can often become more of a battle with the mind than anything else. People may see someone completing a movement or exercise at a more advanced level and become discouraged with their own training and progress. This may, in turn, lead to someone giving up exercise completely and thus throwing away any and all progress that they had made.

A growth mindset is a mentality based around freedom and is the key to being successful. Individuals with growth mindsets:

  • Understand that effort is necessary to build skill
  • Are inspired by others’ success
  • Embrace challenges
  • Continue to persevere after setbacks or failures

The growth mindset is not to be confused with ignorant pride or a bloated ego, rather it is an active practice of continuing to humble yourself and know that hard work is required in order to achieve goals. Obstacles are bound to come up in your life, it is entirely up to you to train your brain on how to change your perspective of these obstacles and overcome them in order to become victorious.

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Rachel Palepale

Author Bio

Rachel Palepale has been part of the First Capital Gym team since November 2021. She has been coaching since August 2021. She has a B.A. in Professional Writing.