From Hating The Gym To Getting His Life Back

I'll be honest with you, I hate working out! I have always led a very active lifestyle and had physical jobs that had allowed me to stay in some semblance of shape. Going to the gym just seemed like torture to me! Well, fast forward a couple of decades and I started noticing that my body was always hurting, not a lot in one area necessarily, just a general achiness throughout my day. As the hubris of my youth started to wane, I began to realize that my mindset didn't apply anymore. My age was catching up with me. I could notice my muscle tone diminishing and I was putting on weight, bit by bit, like I had never done before. Multiple sports and lifestyle injuries, a back surgery, and a job change that found me sitting behind a desk all day were starting to take their toll. I knew that I was in control of this but I hadn't convinced myself that I NEEDED to change.

Well finally, after months of bingeing on Joe Rogan podcasts telling me that the only way to get anything done in a "busy" life was to schedule it, to actually write it down and hold yourself to it, I finally made the call. I knew deep down inside that it was time, that I now NEEDED to do this. Being in my late 40s I knew that if I made the effort and the investment of time in myself, I could build my body back up to a healthy, high functioning form that would carry me into the second half of my life.

I am now two months into my small group training sessions at First Capital Gym and I am feeling better than ever! I am feeling strong again and the best part is that the aches and pains that had plagued my daily life are starting to subside! Ryan and Amber are building me back up, from the inside out, focusing on core strength and proper technique. My only real goal when I started was to come back for the next session because I knew that if I could do that long enough, it would become habit.

The atmosphere of my early morning sessions have made that very easy! I am now actually looking forward to going even though it means I have to get up extra early in the morning. I am feeling better throughout the day at work and it doesn't take me five minutes to straighten up after sitting at my desk for hours anymore. I am feeling motivated to do things after work as well, instead of just sinking into the couch with some snacks and a beer. I am picking up hobbies that were pushed to the side because of pain, exhaustion, or just general apathy. It feels good to just be again and I owe a large part of that to Ryan and Amber! They have kept me motivated and have provided me with a foundation to build a healthy, happy body! You owe it to yourself, make the investment in yourself! It's never too late, or early for that matter!

A few hours a week will have an effect that will last you a lifetime! They will give you the same foundation you need to live a long, healthy, active life! I am looking forward to the journey! Thank you, guys! See you at 0545 Monday!

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