3 Things You Don’t Want To Do When You’re Trying To Get Back In Shape

Gyms are about to open and you’re ready to get back in shape. In the last three months, you didn’t eat as well and you were slacking on your workouts. You gained some weight, you’re a little stiff, and your energy levels are in the dumps. You vow to start Monday and get back at it. Before you start, here are three things you don’t want to do.

#1. Start An Extreme Calorie Restricted Diet: At first, this might seem like the logical choice and you’ll see results in the beginning. The problem is, this isn’t sustainable and your energy levels will be nothing. You’ll soon gain the weight back and then some. Our recommendation is to first cut the junk that you’re eating. Eliminate the sugared drinks, late night snacks, and the other junk you were eating watching Netflix.

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#2. Working Out Everyday: You see this all the time in January. People stop going to the gym from November until January and then start back up. They went from not working out all to going all out and working out every day. Within a week or two, the person crashes (adding that on most cases, they’re following an extreme calorie restricted diet) and they quit. Lots of times, injuries play a big part of this because the volume was too much too soon. If you feel you need to workout everyday, try going to the gym2-3 times per week and walk on the days off to start

#3. Not Go In With A Plan: Showing up to the gym is great but if you don’t have a plan, you’re not going to get the results that you want. You should know going into the gym exactly what you’re going to do. What’s the main focus of that training session? How long are you going to be there? Whatever your goals are, have a plan. At First Capital Gym, we offer a 30-Day Personal Training Experience for new members wanting to get in shape and needing a plan. https://www.firstcapitalgym.com

Don’t make these three mistakes when hitting the gym. Take it slow and have a plan!! https://www.firstcapitalgym.com