GRIT. Do you have it?

First of all, what is GRIT?

I'm not talking about small particles of sand or dirt.

I'm talking about having courage and resolve; strength of character.

Again I ask,… Do you have it?

Grit is something I've been thinking a lot about here lately. Along with why does grit matter?

GRIT Matters Because Life Happens

and Sometimes Life Happens Hard.

Chuck Swindell said “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.

When “life happens” it is really easy to fall off the wagon, miss your training sessions, hit the drive thru…allow your choices to become less intentional because of the circumstances that have occurred. But you can’t stay in that place forever. The longer you stay there, I promise you, the harder it will get to “get back on the wagon.”

So what are you going to do? Let me answer for you. You’re going to GRIT UP!!! You’re going to show up to life. Show up for your family. Show up for your friends. But most of all, show up for YOU. If you don’t take care of you, who will?

How are you going to GRIT up this week?

How are you going to show up for you this week in regards to your own personal journey to better health??

Show up with the determination of the dandelion that takes root and grows up through most unlikely conditions. The dandelion that comes up through concrete- and THRIVES!


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