Having Problems Losing Weight? Focus on The Big Rocks, Not The Pebbles

When it comes to your nutrition and fat loss, are you filling your bucket with rocks or pebbles????

I can’t tell you how often I sit down with someone to discuss their nutrition habits and they start off with meal timing, meal frequency, intermittent fasting, low carb, carb cycling…”Are blueberries bad for you? But they’re a carb!” (I’m sure the struggle has nothing to do with the French fries, poor habits..and everything to do with blueberries…come on, have you ever heard of anyone becoming overweight from blueberries or peas? I didn’t think so.)

Yor Gym

Instead of focusing on the small things, the “pebbles,” let’s focus on the big things, “the rocks.”

The Big Rocks Are:

  1. In a calorie deficit?
  2. Practicing 80/20 eating (80% pretty darn good, 20% a little more lax)
  3. Consuming enough protein
  4. Drinking enough water?
  5. Getting in your training sessions in a week?
  6. Getting quality sleep?
  7. Taking the adequate time to allow your body to recover between training sessions? 

If you can’t answer yes to the above questions why are we discussing pre/post workout, macro targets?

Stop trying to over complicate stuff. Start working on your every day habits and build from there.

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All The Best,

Amber Zuver