Having Problems Lunging? Try This Instead

Before any member is able to train at First Capital Gym, we go through the Functional Movement Screen and go over past injuries.  You can probably guess what exercise most people struggle with or even get hurt doing.  You got it, the lunge.  I remember when I worked at a box gym, I would see people “lunging” and thinking to myself, “wow, that looks like that really hurts!”  What I usually would see is the knee caving in, extreme forward lean with the upper body, or complete loss of control the eccentric part (going down). 

            What we have found is that there are 3 reasons why people have problems lunging:

            #1 They don’t have the strength to do a lunge and need to modify the exercise (which will go over                          below)

            #2 Too much volume (this is a big one)

            #3 There is pain in the way they’re performing the lunge and they may need a different way on                               performing it

The easiest two easiest ways to fix that is controlling the volume and modifying the exercise.  Below, is how get people lunging, assuming they don’t have pain. 

Assisted Split Squat

Split Squat

From Pad Assistance To Floor

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