He Lost 7 Pounds With These 3 Action Steps

When someone begins their trial or 6-Week Personal Training Experience at FCG, we’ll start off with a quick 45 minute Strategy Session (consultation). During the strategy session, we’ll discuss 3 action steps that we would like them to do OUTSIDE THE GYM.

Where people go wrong when they first start is that they think that because their working out, their health and weight management will be solved. The gym is a small part of the overall process.

Anyways, in this particular situation, the 3 action steps was to:

  • Increase water intake to 40 fluid oz to 80 fluid oz
  • Increase overall steps from 7,000 to 10,000 (he has a watch that tracks this)
  • Take out the cereal and bagel in the morning and replace it with a protein source and fruit
Lose weight York

That was it.  We try to make small changes with people when they start.  We found when we first opened our doors that making people do big changes lead to burnout and ultimately failure.

After the 6 weeks, we sat down to discuss moving forward as well as success he had during the trial. He said he worked on his 3 action steps and took it a step further and took out the snacking at night.

To his surprise, along with getting 3 workouts a week, he was down 7 pounds!

Like us, he was ecstatic and he said he feels so much better!! After he became a member, we are now focused on 3 more action steps that will take him further down his journey. Like we mentioned earlier, going to the gym is a great start but it can’t stop there. 

Getting more activity in every day as well focusing on little changes in your nutrition will go a long way!!

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Ryan Zuver

Author Bio

Ryan opened First Capital Gym in York, PA is 2018. He has helped hundreds of adults and athletes achieve their fitness goals since 2004. Ryan, a former Marine, has built a great reputation based on his work ethic, character, loyalty to his clients, and dedication to improving himself as a coach. He is also well respected by local physical therapists and chiropractors in the area.