Head Games

If you’re like me, you might label yourself as an overthinker. Maybe you find yourself lying in bed at the end of the day and overthinking a decision you made or cringing at a mistake you made years ago.

While that internal monologue can be healthy, it’s important to monitor that small voice in your head. 

Is it reinforcing and supportive of the calls you make in your life? Or is it degrading and even a bit of a bully to you?

Think about the effect that a constant negative voice could have on you; not just on your mentality, but also physically. It was about 3 months ago that I could tell that my self-confidence was at an all-time low. I had beat myself up so bad internally that I was slacking in my work performance, I stopped taking care of my hair and skin, and I even noticed some of my personal relationships falling apart due to my negligence and poor attitude. I had had enough and decided it was time to make a change. I noticed that I couldn’t quite catch negative thoughts about myself fast enough, so to combat them, I would say “stop” in my mind and replace it with something that I knew was true. Here’s an example:

•Negative thought: I’m so inexperienced in my job. I’ll never get better in this field and I should quit.

Here’s when I would recognize the thought I just put into my head and say “stop” and replace it with something like this:

•It is true that I’m new to this industry, however, I bring a unique set of skills and offer a new perspective to my team. I can’t expect to get better if I don’t continue to try.

This active practice of recognizing my negative self-talk and replacing it with something that is true has helped me shed the idea of thinking about “kind self-talk” as an airy and ignorant way of excusing poor habits.

We talk a lot about ownership in our gym. Own your mistakes, sure…but also own your strong suits and let them be shown. Not for others, but for you.

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Rachel Palepale

Author Bio

Rachel Palepale has been part of the First Capital Gym team since November 2021. She has been coaching since August 2021. She has a B.A. in Professional Writing.