Here’s How To Become A Master At Meal Prep

“I can’t meal prep.”
“How do you do it?”
“I just don’t have time.”

Not having time is exactly why you need to meal prep!!!
And with these quick tips and helpful hints you will be meal prepping like a pro in no time!

Step One… Look Ahead
Which days this week will you need pre-prepped meals?
What nights are you working late?
Which nights do you have to run your kids to sports?
Help a family member?

Here’s How To Become A Master At Meal Prep

We already know most likely you are going to need at least lunches prepped if you’re not going to have leftovers from the night before. It’s also the meal we are most likely to grab out due to not being prepared.

Step Two… Make A Menu
…and then a grocery list. Scribble down some ideas for your pre-planned meals. Hit Pinterest. You can also click on the link at the bottom for the First Capital Gym Recipe book for more ideas

Step Three… Hit The Grocery Store With Above Mentioned List

Step Four… Cook For The Week

Get your staples done. Your chicken, steak, sweet potatoes, rice, sheet pan veggies. Use tools that will help get the job done quicker, Instant Pot is a favorite!

Step Five… Store It For Grab And Go
Prep your containers in clear accessible containers for on the go and larger big batch containers for when at home. Use the FCG hand guide when portioning out containers.

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Amber Zuver

Author Bio

Amber seeks to empower women and young girls in strength and to inspire them to not be afraid to step into the gym. Amber finds great joy in helping clients move, perform, look, and feel better! She believes that your training at the gym should transfer over into making your everyday life better as a whole, both physically and mentally.