Here’s To Healthy Shoulders

Overhead pressing is a common exercise in most fitness programs.  Unfortunately, it also seems to lead to injuries for some people.  Before we get into alternatives for overhead pressing, make sure you can get your arms over your head first.  If you can’t go over head or you arch your back to do it, you definitely need to get that addressed. 

Alternative To An Overhead Press With A Barbell

Using dumbbells gives yourself a little more freedom as opposed to being fixed to a barbell.  Since we train mostly adults in their forties and older, we will typically favor dumbbells and kettlebells to the barbell. 

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

The video shows a safe alternative to a barbell press, but sometimes people have problems with that as well.  With the shoulder being in abduction and external rotation, it can put a lot of stress on the shoulder.  We have found this version to be better for most people.

Kettlebell Press

 Unless, you already have a shoulder issue or your form is bad, we have found the kettlebell press to have the least amount of strain compared to the others.  If your technique is good, you’ll be pressing in the safest way possible

Landmine Press

In some cases, going overhead may not be an option at all.  If there’s no pain, we will move to the landmine press.  This has been a great alternative for us and gotten many people pressing when they couldn’t in the past.

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