High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), like strength training is a must when it comes to fat loss.  I would like to add though, if you’re new to fitness, I wouldn’t recommend HIIT at first.  HIIT is where you go at a max intensity (sprint, air dyne bike, sled push) for 10-30 seconds with a long enough rest to recover.

At First Capital Gym, we will perform bouts of 10-30 seconds and rest for close to a minute.  Some members use heart rate monitors an we wait until they reach a certain heart rate.  For example, one of our members Rob will get his heart rate up to 170 and we’ll wait for it to drop to 130 until performing another set. 

Why don’t people do HIIT?  Well, because it’s very hard and you need a good base of fitness to be able to do this correctly.  I think most people do Interval Training (IT).  With this they’re heart rate goes to about 70-85% which isn’t bad but it’s not HIIT.  We will show an example of interval training tomorrow.

Also, HIIT should not be done everyday, unless, you want to burn out.  We typically like to see, members perform HIIT 1-3 times per week.  Anymore, you’re going to run the risk of overtraining.

Here are a couple of examples of HIIT:

In the example above, Rob, Tracia, and Sarah would perform this for 10 seconds with a 60 second rest.  We will typically do 6-10 sets of this.

In this example, the ladies are pushing the sled for 15-20 seconds (depending on speed) with 60 seconds of rest.  Again, we would typically do 6-10 sets.

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