How long have you been training?

I began my journey into strength training around 19. I decided to take it to the next level and turn my passion into a way to help others in the last couple of years. I received my StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell certification in September of 2016, and also became a Certified Functional Strength Coach in November of 2017. Just recently in September of 2018 I completed the StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell certification. I’m currently working to become a Precision Nutrition Coach, and plan to have that completed in the very near future.


Where do you think the fitness industry is going wrong with women’s training?

Magazines are still boasting quick fixes, “Get a bikini body in 21 days!” Every time you get on social media, there is someone else trying to sell you the latest magical shake, supplement, gut health fixer….again…quick fix.

Except there is no quick fix. All of these outlets are marketing off of women’s insecurities and playing on their emotions, while draining their wallets on products that will not create long term, sustainable results.

Why do you think strength training is important for women?

Combined with metabolic exercise and good nutrition, strength training is the ONLY thing that will provide long term, sustainable results. Results that will carry over into the golden years. Bone strength starts slipping at an average rate of 1% per year after age 40. This number is even GREATER for women! What does this mean? We HAVE to LIFT!

Where do you think the fitness industry is going?

What’s great is the public is starting to get educated.  Yes, like I mentioned, there’s a lot of scams and gimmicks happening.  With that said, they know they need to workout and acknowledge the idea of walking into a gym without direction or a plan is not going to work. They also realize the typical choreographed box gym group fitness classes aren’t working either. One on one personal training can get pretty pricey so I think you will see more and more people turning to small group training where they still get individual attention, but get to share the cost as well as having others to help motivate and hold them accountable.


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