How To Combat Inflammation!

Combating inflammation is something we can all do to help our overall health and wellness. Inflammation can occur in acute events like stress or illness but it can also be chronic and long term. When inflammation is chronic and ongoing it can negatively impact our health and potentially put us at risk for heart disease and diabetes. We encourage chronic inflammation levels with:

Lack of sleep

Poor Diet

Drinking Alcohol


Minimal to no physical activity

How To Combat Inflammation!

However, we can combat chronic inflammation. Things we can do to drive lower inflammation include the opposite of our first list:

Adequate sleep

Anti Inflammatory foods (listed below)


Minimal alcohol

Managing stress

We can also fight inflammation through foods and supplements. Many foods included on this list are also available in supplement form. Eating real food is always the best option but if you find it is easier to consume something in supplement form that is still a good choice. Some of the best dietary options for combating inflammation include:

Fish Oil

Vitamin D

Circumin (found in Turmeric)

Green Tea



Vitamin C

Many of these foods act as an antioxidant which enables them to target unwanted inflammation by fighting free radicals. These are the guys that damage our cells. Eating foods like garlic, cinnamon, foods containing vitamins C and D, and drinking green tea are all ways to harness antioxidative powers. Circumin, found in Turmeric, is also a powerhouse for fighting inflammation. Fish oil is often mentioned for its numerous benefits and makes this list helping with potential joint pain and inflammation alongside Circumin.


It is important that you ask your primary care physician about consuming these foods in supplemental doses. If you are including them in your diet it will likely be in smaller amounts than if you took it in pill or liquid form. Talking with your doctor will give you the most light on what may have any potential interaction with medicines or other supplements. Remember, lifestyle and nutrition are key!

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