How To Get Through The Allergy Season

Spring is the bittersweet time of year for many of us where we get excited for the arrival of warmer weather and dread the subsequent impact of seasonal allergies! Over the counter medications, allergy shots and essential oils are oftentimes the common approach to treatment. What about supplements? Are there options that offer support in fighting allergens that can offer relief? The next couple weeks we will look at different supplement options that could help!

Antihistamines are most of what makes the up allergy medications we are familiar with but some foods and plants act in the same way. You will see some of these supplements seek to act in this way and others support our immune system which is ultimately fighting the allergens that bother us.

The classic Vitamin C is a good place to start oddly enough. Aim to take your Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, the natural colors found in many fruits and vegetables. They simply help the effectiveness of the Vitamin C as it helps to control the cells associated with allergic reactions. Try to spread your doses throughout the day and enjoy the additional immune system benefits as well.

Quercetin, an antioxidant found in foods like apples and onions, has antihistamine properties. You can choose to supplement it or simply add more to your diet. It is more effective when taken with Vitamin C and the bioflavonoids mentioned above to get the benefits of both simultaneously. Additionally, quercetin can help support other symptoms that come along with seasonal allergies such as asthma and sinus related problems.

Remember, if you receive allergy shots or take medications that can offer you relief, this is not medical advice saying that you should drop what you’re doing and switch to supplements. Allergies are no joke when we are in full bloom so these supplements are only meant to support your current efforts and offer any additional natural relief. Next week we will discuss additional supplements that can potentially offer help as we move further into allergy season!