“I’m Not Allowed To Drink Anything!”

Do you ever feel that way? Don’t drink juice. Don’t drink soda. Definitely don’t drink alcohol. Don’t have fun. Just kidding, but seriously, sometimes it feels that way.

The truth is, usually one of the first steps when trying to drop a few pounds, is to drop the flavored beverages (aka- empty calories!). Increase your water intake. The well-meaning advice is pretty justifiable.

“I’m Not Allowed To Drink Anything!”

These types of beverages usually don’t make you feel full, or even quench your thirst for that matter…leading to drinking more. And yet, that can account for TWENTY PERCENT of your daily calorie intake. Whoa!

Simple solution? Remove them from your diet. Problem? It’s usually not your favorite choice because it limits you to mostly water, sweetened tea, coffee, artificial flavor enhancers or (gasp!) diet/ zero- calorie drinks.

For some, let’s face it, this can feel really miserable and make it harder to practice and stick to their goals and healthy habits.

Instead of taking the all or nothing approach, and making certain beverages entirely off limits, what if we try a more practical approach of “drink more of this”, “drink some of that”, and “drink less of this”? By just doing a “little bit better”, we’re still dropping calories and making progress.

Am I right? Okay, for example….

Say on average you drink four sodas a day (which should be in the “drink less category”), maybe you swap one of those out for a diet soda (“drink some category”).

Gradually you continue to exchange some of your regular and diet sodas for perhaps flavored carbonated water.

Here is another example…

Drink less juice, drink some artificially flavored water, drink more naturally flavored water or infused water. (Think lemon, orange, cucumber, mint, berries…etc.)

One more…

The next time you go to indulge in a glass of wine, do half wine half seltzer. Wine spritzers taste great, and you just cut your calories and sugar in half.

You continue to adjust and exchange, but slowly so it does feel like going cold turkey. This is how lasting, sustainable change will happen!

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