Keeping Your Immune System Strong This Winter

Let’s agree, we all want to be healthy. We want to feel good and avoid sickness so we can spend time with our families, enjoy our hobbies and stay active. During the winter months it is imperative that you put effort towards feeling your best. The cold weather, decrease in sunlight and outdoor activity as well as cold/flu season will challenge us each day. How can we best fight the winter blues?

The main ways we can support our bodies include:
•Adequate sleep (7+ hours each night)
•Proper nutrition
•Minimize alcohol consumption
•Reduce stress

Keeping Your Immune System Strong This Winter

It starts with a good night of sleep. Making sleep a priority is a major step towards supporting your health. A strong immune system and proper sleep habits are closely related.

Eat well rounded meals with lean protein and healthy fats. In addition, fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber that should also be included in your diet barring any restrictions. A healthy diet supports our immune system as well. Stay properly hydrated and minimize alcohol. It greatly hinders our immune system’s ability to support us. Less is more, enjoy it in moderation.

Staying active and having a consistent exercise routine will help keep your body strong and your immune system. Exercise can help improve your sleep and promote a healthy response to stress which can negatively impact our health.
Supplements can also be a great addition to your winter arsenal. We will talk about immune system boosting supplements in the next blog! 

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Amber Zuver

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