Kettle Bell Push Press

When it comes to programming, the kettlebell push press is one of our favorite.  It’s a great exercise to throw in during a complex and awesome at building total body power!  If you been training with me for any length of time, I choose exercises that’s going to the most bang for your buck with limited chance of injury.  The kettlebell push press meets that criteria.  Every now and then, I’m hesitant on showing snatching and barbell cleans to certain people/athletes because of the learning curve and risk of hurting the wrists.  We have people that train with us that make a living using their hands and athletes who play basketball who need their wrists for jump shots.

With the push press, I have minimal concern of injury.

With the push press, the upper and lower body work together to generate and direct force.  Obviously, this is pretty common in sports and important in every day life.

During the push press we need to remember a few points:

  • Heels do not come up, weight stays on the center of the feet
  • Spine remains neutral
  • Midsection is braced
  • Speed is moderate

Check out the video below to see how it’s done