Kettlebell Clean

Would you like to press a heavy kettlebell?  Yes!

Would you like to squat two kettlebells at one time?  Yes!

Would you like to put together a clean & press conditioning circuit?  Yes!

Great, but in order to do this, you must be able to clean the bell first.

The kettlebell clean is that necessary skill that needs to be in place before a lot of other “stuff” happens.  With the clean, you’re basically just bringing the kettlebell from the floor to the rack position.  This can be done with one or two kettlebells.  For me personally, I feel the clean is the second most important skill next to the swing. 

With the kettlebell clean, most of the important points in doing a good swing stay the same except for the float.  Here are some other key points:

  • Keep wrists straight
  • Elbows in tight to the body
  • Shoulders are not shrugging
  • From the floor to the rack, the kettlebell should move the shortest distance possible>>we like to tell people to zip up the jacket
  • Do not bang your forearms

Here is what the kettlebell clean should look like:

Double Cleans:

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