Kettlebell Push Press

The Kettlebell Push Press is one of our favorites at First Capital Gym.  We feel it’s a great exercise for overall for strength and an excellent substitute for athletes who can’t Olympic lift.  You could also use as part of a complex or conditioning circuit.

With the push press, you want to coordinate the lower & upper body together to generate and direct force

The Kettlebell Push Press does have a few steps along with some safety points

  • First dip>> weight stays over the center of the feet, about quarter depth
  • Drive through the ground and bell floats up
  • Spine flexion & hyper-extension is no good and DANGEROUS
  • When lowering into the rack, relax the arms and impact is absorbed with abdominal brace and knee dip
  • Ribs should be in contact with the ribs
  • Wrist should be neutral throughout the movement


There are many ways you can program the Kettlebell Push Press.  Here are two examples of how we like to put them into a workout.

Strength>> 3-5 sets of 1-5 reps (heavier weight with up to 2 minutes of break)

Conditioning>> 3-5 sets of 30-45 seconds (lighter weight with up to 2 minutes of break)


The video below demonstrates the conditioning example:


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