Making Meal Prep Easier

Does meal prepping feel daunting, and dare I say, impossible? It doesn’t have to be! Not
with the right tools/ equipment! Here are my top meal prep tools for making meal
prepping easier and maybe even enjoyable.

Aside from having the right tools to get the job done, my number one tip to keep meal
prepping for getting overwhelming is to start SMALL. When I sit down with new
members in our gym to discuss their nutrition habits the biggest point I stress is,
One. Meal. At. A. Time.

Making Meal Prep Easier

I usually tell them to start with lunch. Just get lunch ready for the week and you’re
already one meal ahead of the game everyday. My next suggestion is usually a snack. If
fresh fruit is washed, picked, and stored in easy accessible containers, it’s an easy choice
to make.

With no further ado…the tools I use to make my life so much easier…

The Big Stuff
Instant Pot

Ah, the instant pot. Frozen chicken breasts fully cooked in 30 minutes. Rice, beans,
soups…easy peezy. The best part? It doubles as a slow cooker.

Speaking of Slow Cookers

Before pressure cookers were all the rage, slow cookers were your moms go to, and for
good reason! Set it and forget is mighty helpful is this crazy fast paced life we live today.
Made for so much more than meat and potatoes, if you haven’t tried slow cooker
oatmeal…do it! You won’t regret it. In recent years I’ve fallen in love with slow cooker
liners which make clean up a snap.

Food Processor
Seriously my most favorite tool in my kitchen. It gets used so hard, I’m surprised it ever
gets put away. From chopping veggies, mincing onion, making smoothie bowls…even
soup! The food processor has sooooo many uses.

Air Fryer
When the air fryer initially came out, I had zero interest. I thought I don’t fry food, why
would I want one. Eventually that big space ship made it’s way on to my counter and
after trying asparagus and squash in it, I never looked back! Seriously, if you haven’t
tried veggies in the air fryer, are you even living?

Baking Sheets
Sheet pan meals, roasted veggies, I could go on and on. Add in some aluminum foil to
make clean up easy, baking sheets are a meal prep must.

Casserole Dishes
Egg casserole, need I say more?
A nice Pyrex 9x13 pan should be a staple in every kitchen. There are now insulated bags
for making taking to an event safe as well as keeping your dish warm. I also have a
casserole slow cooker which is amazing.

A Decent Set Of Pots and Pans
This goes without saying. I’m a big pan of non-stick skillets and I love Le Cresuet when it
comes to cooking with cast-iron.

The Little Stuff That’s Actually The Real Important Stuff

The duller the knife, the harder you push, the more likely you are to end up cutting
yourself. If looking for and inexpensive yet great knife, I LOVE Rada Knives. They’re
priced just right and do an excellent job.
Knives every good prepare can not live with out-
A slicer with a 7” blade, a cooks knife, a bread knife, a tomato slicer, a veggie peeler and
a regular paring knife. I honestly use my cooks knife and paring knife so frequently, I
have several.

Glass Storage Containers
Ditch the BPA in plastic and get yourself a nice set of glass meal prep containers. This is
a non-negotiable on the list of must haves on your meal prep tool list.

A Food Scale
If you are planning on weighing and measuring anything.

Yes, you can buy spiralized “noodles” already done at the grocery store, but it’s so much
cheaper if you do it yourself and kids love helping with this fun tool.

Odds and Ends…
Measuring cups and spoons, liquid measuring cup, silicone tongues, metal bbq tongues,
silicon basting brush, bamboo spoons and spatulas, mesh colanders, muffins tins,
silicone muffin liners, cutting boards… The list could go on and on with the small odds
and ends. The good thing is, the majority of it, most people already have in their

Now go pick a few recipes off Pinterest, make a menu for the week, a
grocery list- and you should be in business!!!
For great meal ideas, check out FCG’s Pinterest

For my amazon list containing some of my favorite tools, check out this link:

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