May Circuit #2

On Monday, we briefly explained what a circuit is.  If you haven’t read it, check it out here>>

 With Monday’s example, we didn’t add any power movements.  Today’s example, we added a power exercise (and also a complex) in the circuit. 

Here we got Melanie completing:

Swings into Goblet Squats (complex)


Goblet Box Step Up

Side Plank w/ Hip Abduction

This circuit takes care of our power movement, squatting, push, split stance, and core work.  In her next circuit, she would perform exercises that would work different movement patterns.  In this particular circuit we like to perform 3 sets of:

Swings (15) to Squat (8)

Pushups (8)

Goblet Box Step Up (8e)

Side Plank w/ Hip Abduction (10e)

To ensure good form & technique and to avoid failure, we like our rest to be anywhere from 45-60 seconds in between exercises.

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