More Help To Get You Through the Allergy Season

We’re going to continue discussing supplements that can offer additional relief during the boom and bloom of Springtime allergy season. Last week, we included information on Vitamin C and Quercetin and how they can have an antihistamine effect within the body. This week we’ll look at other supplements that may be useful to us both during allergy season and contribute to our overall health and wellness.

More Help To Get You Through the Allergy Season

Let’s first look at Bromelain, typically found in pineapples, which can be effective at treating inflammation and other respiratory issues related to allergies. Additionally, it can help with digestion! Consumption can easily be achieved through eating pineapple but it can be supplemented if necessary or preferred.

Butterbur is a plant that is available in supplement form and has been shown to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms. It may also be effective in helping reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines. Another multi-benefit supplement on the list!

Acidophilus, a probiotic, helps us achieve gut balance as a good bacteria and has shown to be useful in the treatment of allergies and skin conditions. The immunity benefits of maintaining proper digestion and gut health makes sense to support allergy treatment as we saw with Vitamin C in our last installment.

As mentioned before, these supplements are not intended to replace any or all of your current allergy treatments. They are only mentioned for your information if you want additional support considering the supplements mentioned have benefits beyond fighting allergies. Immune system support goes well beyond allergy season and the best that we can support our immunity, the better chance we have of staying healthy and active for ourselves and the ones we love!

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