More Ways To Improve Your Sleep

When you think about improving your sleep, what comes to mind? Sleeping 6-8 hours? Staying asleep longer? Going to bed at a decent time? There are many angles to better sleep that we can look at to help us improve our sleep as it is just as important as other daily habits that we have to make us healthier.

There might be some things that slip our minds in our busy lives. Updating our sleeping equipment may need to be added on your weekend to-do list. When looking for a good pillow to use, some things that you’ll want to keep in mind are:

More Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Does it allow your spine to be neutral and properly aligned?

Does it keep you cool so that you don’t sweat during the night?

Will it last a while or will you need another replacement soon?

Also ensure that whatever sheets and covers you use are breathable and will keep you cool so that you can spend more time asleep and less time trying to get comfortable.

In terms of comfort, it can be difficult to manage your sleeping positions throughout the night. However, the Sleep Foundation notes that back and side sleeping positions are the most beneficial for that proper spinal alignment as well as keeping your airways open and reducing pressure on your lungs and heart. For those of us that just can’t escape being a stomach sleeper, don’t worry, there are ways to make this position a bit more beneficial for you. Try…

Using a thin pillow for your head

Placing a pillow underneath your hips

Other ways to ensure that you get a great night’s sleep are:

Stay away from caffeine roughly 6 hours before bedtime

Limit alcohol intake

Don’t bring your work into bed

Use non-electronic means of unwinding and relaxing

Sweet dreams!

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