Motion Is Lotion

Staying loose and feeling flexible should be important to us. We all took the extra effort to get back to the gym after the early hiatus of 2020 and I bet you want to keep improving into 2021 and beyond. Along with smart training, recovery techniques, healthy food choices, hydration and quality sleep what more can do to support ourselves?

Motion Is Lotion

It is important to move! “Motion is lotion”, is one of my personal favorite exercise quotes. Movement keeps us loose and allows for our joints to stay mobile. We can tend to tighten up a little following sessions at the gym. I’m sure you’ve felt it on the right home or when you get out of the car. How do we counteract this? Move! Move! Move!

Warm ups at First Capital Gym are designed to get all of the major movement “hubs” of your body as loose as possible prior to your workout. The shoulders, spine, hips and ankles are these main areas. These can be the same things you can do at home between sessions at the gym. Take a few minutes and loosen up. Grab a foam roller and hit your preferred spots, do your favorite stretches and then hit some warm up movements you would do at FCG.

Something as simple as taking 10-15 minutes to stay loose will pay dividends next time you go in for a session. Hit some body weight squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts, spidermans, 90/90s and straight leg raises. You will feel incredible. The best part is that it isn’t meant to be a workout. Use support for lateral lunges or single leg deadlifts so your balance is uncompromised. The added balance and weight support will help you get into larger ranges of motion with control.

Once again for the people in the back, MOVE! Take the extra time on movements you feel need extra work on. Mobility is like your imagination, you didn’t lose it forever, you just forgot how to use it. Food for thought.

Here’s a quick circuit you could do at the house:

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