My Day With Charlie Weingroff

Last Friday, I traveled to New York to work with one of my mentors, Charlie Weingroff.  Charlie is a world renowned physical therapist and strength & conditioning coach and I have been following him since 2011.  His Training=Rehab Rehab=Training DVDs should be a part of every physical therapist & strength coach/personal trainer’s collection .  To say Charlie has had an impact on my career would be an understatement.  Charlie is an extremely smart dude but what I like about him most is that he tells it to you straight.

I went to visit Charlie this time because I am obsessed with hitting a 600 pound deadlift and placing higher in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge. 

 I could screw around and try to figure out it out on my own.  I mean, I own First Capital Gym, have multiple certifications, and have trained/worked with people for 15 years, so I definitely should have all the answers right, wrong.  Far from it!  What I have found is that it’s nearly impossible for me to program myself.  I definitely do not have all the answers and I’m content with saying I have made lots of mistakes!  Most don’t know that I have been working with somebody for the last 8 years in my programming.  When my Saturdays were free, I would try to get down to Maryland to work with Joe Sansalone at Optimum Performance Training Institute. 

We spent two hours on the floor training working box squats and good mornings.  I thought I was doing box squats right but was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.  The same cues we use at First Capital Gym with our members were being said to me all session. It was great being coached again!