Nourish Yourself with Clean Eating

We all eat, but are the foods you’re eating nourishing you?

There is a difference between “nourishing” and “eating.” Eating includes any old thing you shove down your pie hole. Whether it’s a stalk of celery or a bag of cotton candy, if you swallowed it, you ate it. But nourishing is a whole different concept. Nourishing yourself is a commitment to loving yourself through what you consume.

The dictionary defines the word nourish this way: provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

Youll feel more energetic. Clean eating helps regulate your blood sugar so you don’t get energy zapping sugar spikes throughout the day plus your body gets access to energizing nutrients like B-complex vitamins and iron that help your cells access fuel.

Youll improve your cardiovascular health. Fruits ands vegetables pack a whopping serving of vitamin C which helps strengthen blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Youll help prevent cancer. Processed foods and sugar feed cancer. When you eat clean, you’ll be getting more plant nutrients and antioxidants in your diet and they both fight cancer growth. It’s proven that cruciferous veggies from the cabbage family like kale and broccoli are cancer fighters too.

Youll sleep better. Researchers have tied good-for-you foods like dark leafy greens, whole grains and fish to better snooze time. People who eat better, sleep better.

Youll improve your mental health. An increased intake in B-vitamins will boost your dopamine production and have you feeling happy. And foods like salmon, fish, walnuts, chia seeds, spinach, and soybeans provide a healthy dose of Omega 3s that combat moodiness and depression.

You know that losing weight starts in the kitchen. Healthy whole foods pack more nutrition in smaller portions than processed foods. They keep your blood sugar on an even keel so you aren’t fighting appetite and energy swings and they help you overcome food addictions that have you constantly craving and overeating.

Eating clean helps you eat fewer calories that are higher quality and fuel your body better. And because it’s not a “diet,” you can lose the weight and maintain the loss indefinitely while getting healthier with every meal.

Why should I eat clean?
You care about your health.

That’s why you’re reading this blog and that’s why you should eat cleaner. Show

yourself some love by only nourishing your body with foods that promote your healthiest self.

I firmly believe the fastest, easiest way to lose weight and get healthy is through clean eating.

That is particularly true for people over fifty who have age and years of “dieting” working against them. As metabolisms slow with time and abuse, clean eating can be just the answer to nourishing your body and getting on the road truly good health.

"Clean eating is the purest form of self-love.”

Though you can absolutely start eating clean on your own, if you are like me and you do a little better with guidance and encouragement, that’s what our habit based nutrition program is all about! I’ve got a variety of challenges and jumpstarts complete with recipes that will get you started eating clean and creating the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Straight up, you will never be your healthiest self eating food that isn’t food, battling weight gain, and filling up on bags and boxes of “food” that are designed to kill you.

I know it can be hard to change. If you’ve been eating processed foods for a long time, chances are that you’re used to the sugars and the textures that all those additives create to make food more appealing.

But aren’t you tired of feeling tired? I know you want to feel healthy, happy and desirable. So do it!

How hard is it to eat clean?

I'm not going to lie, clean eating takes work. But so does unclean eating. I always tell my clients it takes just as much time to "unwrap" a PopTart as it does a healthy banana. So the excuse that it takes too long is really just an excuse. You simply have to plan for your success by having the clean foods on hand instead of the processed junk.

I realize the thought of changing seemed scary and overwhelming. But with a strong support system, you can do it!

It’s time to stop eating and start nourishing yourself with clean eating.

What baby step are you willing to take to eat cleaner?


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